Our offerings

Cloud Build

Target Platform Capabilities - Strategic vs. Foundational, Cloud Service Providers (CSP), Containers, Platforms & Tools

Conceptual Architecture - Design Standards, Principles

Cloud Adoption

Workload Migration - Go-NoGo, Private-Public-Hybrid, As-Is, Remediate

Cloud Native Development – Arch. Defn., PaaS, Serverless & Container Solns.

Data Movement & Cloud Integration – Data Migration & Storage Solns, Cloud Native DB/ NOSQL, Integration Services

Accelerated Delivery Capabilities - DevOps, Multi-Speed IT

Cloud Operations

Target Operating Model - Org Structure, Roles, Responsibilities, Skills, OCM

Cloud Service Mgmt. - Cloud Services Catalog, Demand & Capacity Mgmt.

Cloud Business

Cloud Business Case - TCO, Benefits Realization, Chargeback

Cloud Roadmap - Build & Rollout iterations

Our capabilities


10+ years Experience on Cloud engagements
30000+ Cloud trained Professionals
3000+ certified cloud specialists
600+ Engagements
300+ Active clients
500+ Cloud Native Experts
12+ CSP and Segment specific CoEs

Application Capabilities

Application Portfolio Assessment
Cloud Native Application Development
DevOps and Platform Engineering
Application Migration / Modernization Services
Data Movement Services & Cloud Integration

Tools and Accelerators

Infosys CMA (Cloud Migration Asstt.)
Infosys WLM (Workload Migration)
IIMS (Infosys Infra Mgmt. Suite)
Infosys Cobalt
ESM Cafe
Self-Service Portal
Infosys Business Acceleration Platform
Infosys Microservices Workbench
Infosys DevOps Platform (IDP)
K8er (Cater)
CAS (Container Automation Solution)

Use Cases