Client context

iCompaz was identified as the chosen partner for Digital Transformation by a leading Investment company headquartered in Singapore to build a Secure Cloud Platform and implement advanced security solutions.


  • Build resilient & secure multi-cloud platform that can provide consistent provisioning of resources and services.
  • Engineer the platform that supports big data, containerization and DevOps for Cloud portability.
  • Enhance the end-user experience in leveraging the multi-cloud platform services through self-service catalogues.


  • Implemented an end-to-end cloud transformation solution that involves program management & governance, architecture governance, change management and operation services.
  • Architect and build a future proof secured AWS cloud foundation layer that can support immediate & future workload needs such as the extension to Azure, GCP and private cloud.
  • Evaluated and Adopted cloud-native services that provide the least cloud provider lock-in, such as WAF, CDN, SFTP.
  • Built the highly available, automated & portable platforms such as OCP, DevOps suite, big data management.
  • Provided self-service catalogues for improved accessibility and user experience.


  • Access to innovation tools via the cloud helped in launching 3 business apps in less than a month.
  • Container hosting platform to facilitate micro-service-based cloud-native development
  • Big Data platform to facilitate data-driven investment decision making for investors
  • Secure and compliant landing zone for hosting enterprise-class apps securely on commercial cloud platforms