Infosys Compaz,
Your Compass for a Digital Future.

iCompaz @ A Glance - Home Grown. Globally Known

We began our journey towards excellence in Singapore. We built our expertise and capabilities over a decade and a half. Now, we are headquartered in Singapore.

We are backed by the global reach and capabilities of Infosys, and the emerging technology expertise of Temasek. The compass now points due success.

60+ active clients

100+ agile, digital and technology projects delivered

Unlimited global scale through Infosys’ leading capabilities in Cloud, Cyber, AI & Digital

Combined global workforce of 240,000+ in 50+ offices

Specialized offerings : Secured Cloud, Digital Workplace, Smart Automation, and Managed Services

20+ ecosystem alliances with major global and specialist technology providers

Traditional perceptions of IT supporting Business operations are obsolete.

Today, we see digital, Cloud, AI, and data-driven decision-making to be the future of business operations itself. And IT is the cornerstone for Business As Usual that needs to be challenged, innovated upon, and transformed for superlative customer experiences. At iCompaz, we specialize in charting your course to enable IT to lead business operations and getting you there.

Case Studies

The evolution of the enterprise is firmly connected with the way the technology backbone is built. The stronger, flexible, reliable, and responsive the backbone, the more agile the business operations. Here are a few instances where we have infused business agility through IT.